Jigsaw Yoogi

Jigsaw Yoogi 1.0

Offers nice images and allows you to use your own pictures as jigsaw puzzles
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Jigsaw Yoogi offers a collection of puzzles divided in different categories; it also allows you to create puzzles using your own pictures. Puzzles are divided by theme, including aeroplanes, pets, flowers, and bird paintings. Each category contains four or five images for you to enjoy. For every puzzle, you can select the pieces' style and number of pieces, which varies from 4 to 300. If you want to add even more of a challenge, you can enable piece rotation. You will also be able to show a ghost image in the background or have a picture preview for guidance, show the edges for extra help, set the sounds and music volume to your liking, and choose the background color. What is more, the puzzles can be saved at any stage so that you can continue them later; in addition, there's no timing, so you can take as much time as you want to complete the puzzles.

Unfortunately, the game has a not very attractive user interface, which looks a bit poor, and the music is really annoying. In short, Jigsaw Yoogi offers nice pictures for you to enjoy and offers the possibility of creating puzzles with your own pictures, which is not a common feature among jigsaws. If you are not interested in the latter, I suggest to look elsewhere because there are better collections of jigsaw puzzles for that price.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • You can use your own images to create puzzles
  • Nice images
  • Multiple difficulty levels
  • Customizable


  • Only a few puzzles to solve
  • Unattractive user interface
  • Annoying music
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